Welcome to New Orleans


We are excited to see all of you at the 2019 NMPRA National Conference! We were excited to see so many of you in Orlando last year, and we have even higher hopes for this year’s meeting in New Orleans! The NMPRA conference is open to medical students, residents, and faculty alike. There will be poster presentations, case presentations, panels, awards, and a keynote speaker. It is a time to reflect on how far we’ve come as a field, network with like-minded individuals, reconnect with friends and colleagues, and help forge the future of Med-Peds. We cannot wait to see you all there, please reach out with any questions!

Registration is now closed!

Limited at-the-door registration will be permitted for persons in New Orleans and able to attend last-minute but please note that due to limited space and meal availability that we must reserve the right to close at-the-door registration without prior notice when capacity has been reached. Prices as follows:

$60 – Medical student and all non-medical guests.

$80 – Resident/Fellow

$140 – Attending

Saturday, October 26th, 2019
The conference will start at 1:00 PM with closing remarks around 9:00 PM
The full schedule is below with precise times subject to change

Name: Sheraton New Orleans
Address: 500 Canal St, New Orleans, LA 70130

To book, use the following link:

2019 NMPRA National Conference Schedule
Saturday, October 26th :

1:00-1:15 Welcome and Overview

NMPRA Grant & Case Presentations

1:15-1:35pm – Community Service/Advocacy Grant Presentation – Dr. Sarah Himmelfarb (Tulane), Establishing a naloxone distribution program in a community clinic servicing high-risk adolescents and patients of all ages living with HIV
1:40-2:00pm – Research Grant Presentation – Dr. Nicole Herrick (UC San Diego), Laparoscopic surgery requiring abdominal insufflation in adults with congenital heart disease
2:05-2:25pm – Dr. Ashley Cobb (U of Michigan), Community-Engaged Research at Bwindi Community Hospital in Uganda
2:30-2:50pm – Dr. Pooja Jaeel (UC San Diego), Creating and implementing an effective transitional program at the North County Health Services Clinic in San Diego, CA
2:55-3:10pm – Resident Case Competition Winner Presentation, Dr. Ariel Nash
3:10-3:25pm – Medical Student Case Competition Winner Presentation, Prarthana Patel, MSV
3:25-3:45pm – Break/Refreshments

Finding Joy in Med-Peds – a Lecture Series

3:45-4:25pm – Dr. Matthew Cappiello, MD – Transitional Care in Underserved Populations
4:30-5:10pm – Dr. Rachel J. Peterson, MD – Finding Joy as a Med-Peds Hospitalist
5:15-6:00pm – Dr. Himani Divatia, DO – From My Patients to My People: Finding Joy Through The Human Connection

Evening Session

6:00-7:00pm – Breakout Sessions
Med-Peds Program Director Panel Discussion with Students
Med-Peds Resident Session - Learning To Network
Med-Peds Advocacy Session
7:00-8:00pm – Cocktail Hour and Poster Presentations
8:00-9:00pm – Dinner and Keynote Presentation: Dr. Lawrence Cutchin, MD and Dr. Allen Friedland, MD: The Joy of Med-Peds
9:00-9:30pm – Award Presentations and Closing Remarks