We are very excited to announce the return of the 3rd annual Med-Peds Informational Webinar Series starting next week on Wednesday, August 3rd at 8pm EST!

This series was originally created in the summer of 2020 as a collaborative effort between NMPRA, MPPDA, and AAP-SOMP to provide medical students with a virtual opportunity to explore Med-Peds as a career option and connect them with the Med-Peds community and leaders across the country during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Because it has been such a hit, we are bringing it back again this year! We hope this series will continue to provide you with resources and content that will cultivate your interest in Med-Peds and support your future endeavors.

Keep an eye out for Zoom links and passcodes in your email that will be sent prior to each session.

Please click on a webinar topic below to view the recording:

> Session 1: Intro to Med-Peds (held on 8/3/22)

> Session 2: Applying to Med-Peds – Focus on MS1/MS2 (held on 8/9/22)

> Session 3: Applying to Med-Peds – Focus on MS3/MS4 (held on 8/10/22)

> Session 4: Program Spotlight #1 (held on 8/16/22)

    • Prisma Health (U of SC), Rush, U of Tennessee, Duke, ECU, Penn State, Baylor

> Session 5: Program Spotlight #2 (held on 8/16/22)

    • UNC, Johns Hopkins, Loyola, Harvard-MGH, Albany, Maine, Michigan State,

> Session 6: Program Spotlight #3 (held on 8/17/22)

    • U of Rochester, Rutgers NJMS, Geisinger, MUSC

> Session 7: Program Spotlight #4 (held on 8/17/22)

    • U of Michigan, Case – University Hospitals & Rainbow, U of Chicago, UC San Diego

> Session 8: Program Spotlight #5 (held on 8/24/22)

    • UMass, Brown, U of Arkansas, U of Mississippi, Buffalo, U of Cincinnati, U of Arizona, UT Southwestern

> Session 8: Program Spotlight #6 (held on 8/24/22)

    • MCW, LAC+USC, Loma Linda, U of Kentucky, LSU New Orleans, Mount Sinai, CHOP/UPenn, Marshfield, U of Louisville

> Session 9: Program Spotlight #7 (held on 8/25/22)

    • U Miami, Western Michigan, U of Alabama, Ohio State, U of Pittsburgh, U of Maryland, Harvard-BWH/BCH, UMass – Baystate, UICOMP, Indiana

> Session 10: Program Spotlight #8 (held on 8/25/22)

    • U of Minnesota, U of Nebraska, Vanderbilt, Case – Metro Health, UIC, Christiana Care/Nemours, LSU Shreveport, UCLA, Georgetown

 > Session 11: Applicants Without Med-Peds Programs – Focus on Osteopathic and IMG Students (held on 8/30/22)

> Session 12: Underrepresented Minorities in Medicine (held on 8/31/22)

> Session 13: Recruitment Advice from NMPRA (held on 9/21/22)


NMPRA (the National Med-Peds Residents’ Association) seeks to enhance the Med-Peds specialty by: supporting and promoting resident advancement and professional opportunities; creating national connections and opportunities for residents; increasing awareness of and advocating for med-peds as a specialty; and recruiting medical students in the specialty.

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