There are three types of membership in NMPRA: Residency Program Memberships, Individual Resident Memberships, and Individual Medical Student Participation.

Residency Program Membership:

Each Med-Peds residency and fellowship program is eligible for Residency Program Membership. A Residency Program Membership is $300/year (or $30/resident/year for programs with fewer than 10 residents), and all current trainees, faculty members, and program administrators are granted active member status.  Membership entitles you to our quarterly newsletter, participation in the NMPRA listserv, the ability for residents to apply for our grants and awards, and free lapel pins for incoming interns each year. Please check our list of Med-Peds Programs to see if your program is currently listed in our database.  If you need a new webpage created, or want to make changes to your current webpage, please contact the NMPRA Coordinator, Kelly Barnes at For residency programs who are current NMPRA members, renewal invoices will be emailed to Program Directors and Coordinators in May of each year in preparation for continued participation in the upcoming academic year.

Individual Resident Membership:

Individual resident memberships are for those whose residency training program has not paid for Program Membership. Individual resident memberships are $30/person/year and convey almost all of the same benefits as the Program Memberships. To join NMPRA as a new Individual Resident Member, contact our NMPRA Coordinator, Kelly Barnes, at

Individual Medical Student Participation:

Individual medical students can participate in NMPRA by completing the medical student registration form. If you have any questions or concerns, contact the NMPRA Medical Student Coordinator at There is no fee for a medical student to participate in NMPRA. As a medical student involved in NMPRA you will receive our quarterly newsletter and can participate in the NMPRA listserv. You will also receive a NMPRA pin free of charge.

Medical Student Registration Form