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Your membership goes to support connection and community laying the foundation for future Med-Peds students, residents, and alumni.

There are several types of membership in NMPRA for Medical Students, Residents, and Alumni.  Group memberships are also available.

Being a NMPRA member has given me access to unlimited guidance, community, and insight into what the Internal Medicine-Pediatrics field entails.  The annual conference was an excellent opportunity for networking and mentorship, as I was able to connect with residents, physicians, and other students around the country.  It felt so accessible and everyone was willing to support  in any way possible.  Additionally, the webinar series highlighted unique aspects of med-peds residency programs, which has been extremely helpful and not something that I have routinely seen occur with other organizations.  I would highly recommend becoming a member!

Anita Gandhi

Medical Student Member, ECU Brody School of Medicine

My experience at NMPRA was fulfilling in so many ways. It was invigorating – there is nothing more exciting than being around like-minded people and sharing knowledge about the things that we are passionate about, especially when it comes to taking care of kids, adults, communities, and populations. It was a great professional experience for me personally – I made many connections and had many opportunities that I never would have otherwise. Most importantly, it gave me the opportunity to play a part with my NMPRA colleagues in shaping the profession that we all love so much.

Derek Pinkerton, MD

PGY5 Indiana University School of Medicine Dept of Nephrology

Being a member of NMPRA has opened doors for me to a broader and enriched Med-Peds experience. Even as an intern, I made connections with peers across the country and had a chance to reach out to interested medical students nationwide about the joys of Med-Peds. The national conference is a great chance every year to share ideas from program to program, and I am excited to continue through residency with the extra support and opportunities provided through NMPRA membership.

Adam Beg, MD

PGY2 East Carolina University/Vidant Medical Center

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