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A combined Endocrinology Fellowship will uniquely prepare you to take care of diabetes, hypoglycemia, hyperlipidemia, obesity, metabolic bone disease, functional and neoplastic disorders of the adrenal, parathyroid, pituitary, and thyroid glands, hypogonadism, ambiguous genitalia, and related diseases, and other inborn disorders of metabolism.

Programs Offering Fellowship:
Baylor College of Medicine
Baystate/UMass Medical School
Brown University
Children’s Hospital Boston
Johns Hopkins University
Indiana University
Massachusetts General Hospital
Mayo Clinic
Mount Sinai Medical Center
National Institutes of Health
Ohio State University
Stanford University
Stony Brook University
University of California at San Diego (UCSD)
University of California at San Francisco (UCSF)
University of Chicago
University of Colorado
University of Michigan
University of Minnesota
University of Pittsburgh
University of Rochester
University of Texas at Houston (UT-Houston)
University of Washington
Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Additional Contacts:

Rebecca Aguirre, MD ([email protected]) – Current fellow at Indiana University
Eric Bomberg, MD ([email protected]) – Current fellow at UCSF
Sarah Corathers, MD ([email protected]) – Med+Peds Endocrinologist at Cincinnati Children’s/University of Cincinnati
Erin Finn, MD ([email protected]) – Current Fellow at the University of Colorado
Lisal Folsom, MD ([email protected]) – Med+Peds Endocrinologist at University of Louisville
Chelsea Gordner, DO/MPH (Chelsea.GordnerDO@baystatehealth.org) – APD and  Med+Peds Endocrinologist at Baystate Medical Center/U Mass
Michele Gortakowski, MD (Michele.Gortakowski@baystatehealth.org) – Current Fellow at Baystate Medical Center/U Mass
Victor Harrison, MD ([email protected]) – Med+Peds Endocrinologist in Alaska
Erik Imel, MD ([email protected]) – Med+Peds Endocrinologist at Indiana University
Bassil Kublaoui  ([email protected]) – CHOP Pediatric Endocrinology Program Director
Rayhan Lal, MD ([email protected]) – Current fellow at Stanford
Janet Lee, MD ([email protected]) – Current fellow at UCSF
Katherine Lewis , MD ([email protected]) – Med+Peds Endocrinologist at Med Univ of South Carolina
Marissa Lightbourne, MD ([email protected]) – Current fellow at NIH
Sarah Lyons, MD ([email protected]) – Med+Peds Endocrinologist at Baylor College of Medicine/Texas Children’s Hospital
Narayan Mulukutla, MD ([email protected]) – Recent graduate from Baylor
Katie O’Sullivan, MD ([email protected]) – Recent graduate from University of Chicago
Melissa Putnam, MD (Melissa.Putman@childrens.harvard.edu) – Med+Peds Endocrinologist at Mass Gen/Boston Children’s
Courtney Sandler , MD (Courtney.Sandler@childrens.harvard.edu) – Current fellow at Brigham/Boston Children’s
Heidi Shea, MD ([email protected]) – Med+Peds Endocrinologist in private practice
Steven Waguespack, MD ([email protected]) – Med+Peds Endocrinologist at MD Anderson, teaching faculty at Baylor
Christine Yu , MD ([email protected]) – Med+Peds Endocrinologist at University of Chicago
Lisa Swartz Topor, MD, MMS ([email protected]) – Pediatric Endocrinology Program Director at Brown