Med-Peds Generalist

A Med-Peds Generalist Fellowship prepares you to be in an academic medical setting. These fellowships, generally lasting 1-2 years, combine some clinical work (generally 20%-30% of your time) along with dedicated research time. Fellows will generally be required to pursue and publish scholarly research as part of this fellowship.

Programs Offering Fellowship: (because each Med-Peds Generalist Program is somewhat unique, a brief description of each in included, when available)

  • Boston University
  • Harvard University
  • Johns Hopkins University
  • University of Pittsburgh
  • University of Rochester
  • Vanderbilt University

Boston University

This Boston University (BU) Primary Care Academic Fellowship program trains generalist physicians for careers in academic medicine as well as addiction and preventive medicine.  The program trains primary care physicians to become clinician- investigators or clinician-educators, emphasizing high quality and innovative health care for urban underserved high-risk populations. General Internal Medicine, Pediatrics and Family Medicine have developed a combined program in which fellows are based in one department, but have a unified curricula, and have the opportunity to conduct research or other projects with faculty from any of the departments.  There are a number of different options for concentration, including two accredited training programs (Addiction Medicine, Preventive Medicine). Fellows take classes at Boston University School of Public Health (MSc Epidemiology, MSc Health Services, MPH) or BU School of Education (MEd.).  Fellows generally do about 10% clinical work, except for fellows in programs requiring specific additional clinical training (Addiction Medicine, Preventive Medicine). Clinical experience occurs at Boston Medical Center, the Boston VA as well as Edith Nourse Rogers VA in Bedford, MA.  Although med-peds trained fellows are based in either GIM or Peds, the program works to create clinical experience in both medicine and pediatrics.

For more information contact Jane Liebschutz, MD MPH [email protected] (GIM) or Michael Silverstein, MD MPH [email protected] (Gen Peds)

Harvard University


Although Harvard University does not have a specific Med-Peds Generalist Fellowship, various generalist fellowship within the Harvard University system have been very friendly to Med-Peds graduates in the past including the following:

If you have any interest in finding our more about these programs, contact Matthew Gillman, MD or Colleen Monaghan, MD.

Johns Hopkins University


Although Johns Hopkins University does not have a specific Med-Peds Generalist Fellowship, the Johns Hopkins General Internal Medicine (GIM) is interested in attracting Med-Peds residents.  The Hopkins GIM is home to one of the nation’s premier fellowship training programs in academic general internal medicine. The GIM Fellowship is proud of our over 140 alumni who have made their mark as researchers, educators, and leaders. The Hopkins GIM Fellowship has had a number of Med-Peds trained physicians in its program. Supported by federal grants for 30 consecutive years, the overall goal of the Hopkins GIM Fellowship is to prepare general internists to assume faculty and leadership positions in GIM and Public Health. Hopkins GIM Fellows come from across the United States and have a wide array of research interests including clinical epidemiology, preventive medicine, health services research, women’s health, health disparities, ethics, and medical education.

The Program is two or three years in length and offers three specifically designed tracks, a Clinical Research Track, a Medical Education Track, and a Hospitalist Research Track. Hopkins GIM encourages research in many areas of methodologic and content expertise, offering research training in tandem with other programs of excellence across Johns Hopkins University.  Many fellows obtain Master’s degrees from the internationally-recognized Bloomberg School of Public Health.  Fellows also may pursue training in teaching, curriculum development and evaluation, and time management by participating in the Teaching Skills and Curriculum Development components of the Johns Hopkins Faculty Development Program for Clinician-Educators. Fellows no more than 20 percent of their time in the clinical setting, and the program offers several venues in which to practice medicine. Fellows are also offered a variety of opportunities to teach residents, medical students or other trainees.

For more information, visit or contact Dr. Geetanjali Chander at [email protected] or Dr. Tony Boonyasai, MD [email protected].

University of Pittsburgh


The Internal Medicine and Pediatric divisions each have been providing advanced training to academic generalists for many years, and have provided fellows with a diverse set of skills and experiences necessary to become successful academic generalists. We are proud to offer a combined Med-Peds fellowship position through a new collaborative Faculty Develop Grant awarded by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA).

Our rigorous two to three-year training program prepares fellows seeking careers as clinician educators or clinician investigators. Clinician educators have the opportunity to obtain a Master’s of Science in Medical Education; clinician investigators typically earn a Master’s of Science in Clinical Research, although degrees in Public Health or Policy are also available. Areas of concentration include but are not limited to underserved care and health disparities, women’s health, palliative care, bioethics and health law, and health services research.

The fellowship program has 3 main objectives:

  1. Provide comprehensive research training with an emphasis on public health priorities in the context of underserved community-based care
  2. Enhance fellows’ knowledge and understanding of health disparities through training in cultural competency
  3. Develop effective leadership skills through formal training and learning experience at community health centers.

The clinical, research and educational experiences occur in sites that range from standard academic practices to a newly developed, integrated medicine and pediatrics community health center.

Since the Faculty Development program is funded through HRSA, all applicants must be U.S. Citizens or permanent residents.

For further inquiries please e-mail Deb Bogan or Reed Van Deusen.

University of Rochester


The General Academic Fellowship is run through the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Rochester Medical Center. The fellowship is 70% research and 30% clinical. Because funding comes through the pediatric department, research has to include kids in some way. Clinically, fellows precept ½ day in the pediatric clinic and cover as the inpatient attending for all clinic patients 4 weeks per year. In addition, fellows see their own patients ½ day a week in the Med-Peds clinic. Moonlighting on the medicine inpatient floors is available. The program also provides the opportunity to obtain a MPH through the Department of Community and Preventative Medicine. For more information visit the program’s website.

For more information contact Rob Fortuna, MD or Karen Nead, MD.

Vanderbilt University


Although Vanderbilt does not have a specific Med-Peds Generalist Fellowship, various generalist fellowships within Vanderbilt have been very supportive to Med-Peds graduates including:

  • VA Quality Scholars Fellowship: This 2 year fellowship focuses on training in quality improvement and clinical research. Trainees receive an MPH and a curriculum in quality improvement.
  • Child Health Research in Vulnerable Populations: These 2 year fellowships focus on training in health services research and clinical epidemiology. Fellows often include trainees from general pediatrics, general medicine, surgery, and specialists.
  • Informatics Fellowship: Several informatics related fellowships are available through Vanderbilt and the Nashville VAMC.
  • Palliative Care and Geriatrics: These 1-2 year fellowships can focus on clinical care or academic scholarship.

If you have any interest in finding out more about these programs, please contact Russell Rothman MD, MPP.

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