There are a number of combinations with critical care that can be accomplished.  There are many programs that have accommodated a trainee to complete both adult and pediatric critical care and after completing requirements to sit for both boards.  While there are no established programs offering PICU-adult pulmonary/critical care training, nor are there established programs offering PICU-MICU (without pulmonary training), the programs listed below may be able to develop such a program.

A combined Pulmonology/Critical Care Fellowship will uniquely prepare you to take care of adults with cystic fibrosis, as well as the large population of children and adults with asthma, among other lung diseases in children and adults.  A combined Pulmonary/Critical Care Fellowship will also prepare you to take care of children and adults in intensive care unit settings.

At the present time, some programs offer a combined pediatric pulmonary-adult pulmonary/critical care training program, to be completed in approximately 5 years.

The NIH allows one to do MICU-PICU or PICU-MICU plus pulmonary, ID, nephrology, or cardiology.

If trainees are interested in only MICU training (without pulmonary) combined with PICU training, consider looking specifically at programs that have critical-care-only fellowships, like Memorial Sloan-Kettering, the National Institutes of Health, Pittsburgh, Stanford, or the University of Washington and then coordinating with their PICU training program.  This is logistically simpler than being a critical care-only fellow in an adult pulmonary/critical care training program which may have to make significant changes to accommodate you not being on their pulmonary consult or outpatient services. However, this has been done in the past as well.

There may be programs which would offer combined adult pulmonary (without critical care) and pediatric pulmonary training as well, which could be completed in 4 years.

Programs Offering Combined Peds Pulmonary-Adult Pulm/Critical Care Fellowship:
National Institutes of Health
Ohio State University
University of Chicago
University of Cincinnati
University of Rochester
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Programs Who Have Offered or are Offering Combined PICU-MICU Fellowship (usually structured as 1 year of MICU followed by a 3 year PICU fellowship):
National Institutes of Health (NIH)/Johns Hopkins
NIH/Children’s National Medical Center
University of Pittsburgh: 2 years of MICU, 2 years of PICU switching annually for a total of 4 years
University of Chicago: 1 year of MICU, 2 years of PICU, 2 years of research
University of Washington
University of Rochester
University of Utah

Programs Offering Combined PICU-Adult Pulm/Critical Care Fellowship:
Ohio State University: combined PICU-adult pulm/CC fellowship over 5 years
Harvard University: PICU training at either Boston Children’s or MGH, combined with adult pulm/CC training through the combined MGH/Brigham/Beth Israel program

Additional Contacts:

Katherine Krol, MD (Current Peds Pulmonary-Adult Pulm/CC Fellow, University of Rochester)
Kenneth E. Remy, MD, MHSc (completed PICU at Columbia University and Adult Critical Care at the National Institutes of Health)*
Timothy Kaselitz, MD (Current MICU-PICU combined fellow at Pittsburgh)
Phil Verhoef, MD (MICU-PICU at University of Chicago)*
Karen Voter, MD (Peds Pulmonary Director, University of Rochester)
Frank Lodeserto, MD (completed PICU-MICU at UPMC, current PICU-MICU practitioner Geisinger Medical Center)