Want to get more involved with NMPRA or Med-Peds in general?  Then think about applying to be a NMPRA Director!  What does this entail…?

In 2015, NMPRA introduced 4 new director positions that play a role in NMPRA leadership. These roles fill identified needs in specific areas that the NMPRA Board has not been able to pursue or advance in previous years do to other duties. Having these newer positions has increased availability for residents to get involved and has expanded the scope of what NMPRA can accomplish. The directors over the last several years have better defined their roles and come up with some great ideas that we hope to continue!

Each director position will serve a 14 month term, beginning April 16th, 2018, which allows for approximately 2 month transition period (April-May). Expectations of each role are outlined below, however, these positions still have a lot of definitions to be done and room for flexibility. We hope that if selected, you will help continue to work with us in developing and shaping these positions. Directors will be expected to be available once monthly for a group conference call (of approximately 1 hour in duration) as well as attend the National Conference in November 2018 in Orlando.

Please feel free to email the current directors to hear about their experiences, ideas and recommendations going forward. Each email address can be found below or at www.medpeds.org.

Director of Medical Student Interest Groups/Recruitment (info@medpeds.org):

  • Work with the medical student subcommittee and help lead this group
  • Assist in forming new medical student interest groups at medical schools without Med-Peds programs
  • Update information for medical students on the website, the Med-Peds interest group presentation, and Med-Peds brochure
  • Assist in connecting students by region and providing service and networking opportunities for them
  • Manage the Student Doctor Network forum and submit routine write-ups

Director of Health Policy and Advocacy (advocacy@medpeds.org):

  • Create advocacy opportunities for residents on a national and regional level by helping coordinate advocacy education at NMPRA meetings and distributing information about becoming involved in legislation
  • Serve as the NMPRA representative on issues that affect Med-Peds physicians and creates policies/statements when resident input is needed (e.g. opinion statement regarding the Pediatric Hospitalist Medicine Fellowship, overview on MOCs, and recently insuring that Med/Peds was included as a primary care specialty)

Director of Community Service and Outreach (outreach@medpeds.org):

  • Assist in connecting residents with opportunities projects for service locally, nationally, and internationally (e.g. health fairs, volunteer clinics, Physician Health & Wellness at AAP)
  • Organize and work the Physician Health and Wellness booth at the annual AAP meeting
  • Organizes the annual NMPRA Service Day

Director of Professional Advancement (advancement@medpeds.org):

  • Work with NMPRA and faculty mentors to create new resources for residents (e.g. jobs guide, CV/cover letter advice, etc)
  • Create a yearly calendar of deadlines for academic projects and ideally creates partnerships with ACP, AAP, SGIM, PAS and representation at these meetings
  • Assist in seeking out physicians interested in mentoring residents and connecting these 2 groups


  • Updating website with news, conferences, etc. (WordPress format)
  • Uploading email address database for campaigns
  • (please email webmaster@medpeds.org for detailed information)
Applications for each position need to include: 
  • A written description of your interest in the position (300 word limit)
  • Updated CV
  • A letter of recommendation and support from your Program Director

These should be in word document or PDF form, attached to one email and sent to president@medpeds.org. Deadline for submission is April 6, 2017, applicants notified by April 13th, with terms beginning on April 16th, 2016. Also, please feel free to ask any questions through president@medpeds.org as well. Looking forward to your submissions.