NMPRA members:
The candidates for the 2019-2020 NMPRA Executive Board and the personal statements they have written are listed here. Please read what they have to say and vote in our 2019 election!

President-Elect Candidates


Suguna Chaganti, Stony Brook University

I almost did not become a Med-Peds physician for one simple reason: my medical school did not have a Med-Peds residency program. Fortunately, I encountered a friend from college who had matched into the field; this led me to be able to work with both children and adults in my perfect field: Med-Peds. As NMPRA president, I hope to connect medical students to nearby residents  in order to provide them with mentors in our discipline, especially at schools where they do not have programs of their own. Having mentored middle school students in medical school and  high school students during residency, I am passionate about forging connections with the next generation of Med-Peds physicians.

Forging connections is a key part of the role of NMPRA president, especially with the multiple national organizations that Med-Peds residents are affiliated with. My role as vice president of my university’s salsa dancing club honed my ability to work closely with people from all walks of life. Similarly, my position in the organizing committee for my medical school’s fundraiser for pediatric AIDS research allowed me to further enhance my skills at interfacing with multiple organizations. These skills will serve me in good stead as I advocate for Med-Peds residents as  NMPRA president in conjunction with the AAP Section on Med-Peds and the Med-Peds Program Directors’ Association on a variety of important issues, including the effects of the ABP  requirements on the field of Med-Peds hospital medicine.

Maximilian Cruz, University of Cincinnati

I had such a great time serving on the NMPRA board this past year as public relations secretary and would be honored to be able to continue representing all of our members moving forward. This past year I focused on growing our social media presence/community (there’s a inspiring and active Med-Peds twitter community!) and revamping our newsletter. I want NMPRA to continue to build on this growth and work on meeting medical students and colleagues where they are already spending time. I also want to emphasize recruiting more URMs into our field (i.e. attending LMSA, SNMA national conferences, more aggressive recruitment at schools with no attached Med-Peds programs, etc.), something I am passionate about and have prior experience with, having served on LMSA regional boards in medical school. The power and beauty of Med-Peds is the breadth of the medicine- and therefore breadth of patients- we interact with. We must develop a clear and dedicated effort towards recruiting and retaining a Med-Peds work force that reflects the make-up of the populations we serve, otherwise we are all at a disadvantage. I hope that you consider me for this position so I can build on the accomplishments of NMPRA and continue to extend its reach and create a powerful home and community for all Med-Peds colleagues.

Dylan Hall, Indiana University

As a first generation physician, I have no stories about my father getting paged out of my dance recitals or my mother picking me up late from soccer practice because her clinic ran over. I do, however, come from a family of public servants. I watched my grandma run four successful terms in public office as a County Clerk in rural Texas. I watched my mother juggle her own personal responsibilities and the needs of the people who elected her. Every day I am inspired by them to serve. From my experience as a full-time billing and insurance coordinator during medical school, I learned how to balance my daily responsibilities as a medical professional with the demands of organizing and effectively directing productive meetings towards a common goal. Throughout college and medical school, I served on everything from exam review committees to curriculum subcommittees. I learned to identify effective speakers, determine lecture schedules, and arrange for speakers to present on their areas of expertise. Growing up with the examples of my mother and grandmother, I made it my goal to take input and communicate it effectively to those who can most affect change.

Seeing the impact that we can make in the lives of those we serve is what inspired me to pursue my passion for medicine. The opportunity to serve on the Executive Board of NMPRA is a chance to serve the physicians that make up the community that inspires me daily to advocate for my patients. Overall, I feel that my experience, leadership, and dedication would make me an outstanding candidate for president-elect of NMPRA, and I would be humbled and honored if you would consider me for the position.

Tommy Gene Martin, University of Arkansas

My name is Tommy Martin and I hope through this short essay I can express two things to you: Why I am qualified for this position and my Passion for Med-Peds. Leadership. I have held several leadership positions both in undergraduate and medical school including: Vice President of the Student Government in medical school, President of the Christian Student Association, and Team Captain of the Varsity Football team in College. My leadership skills were developed and strengthened through these positions. However titles do not hold weight unless actions follow. Work ethic, one of the many qualities developed through the positions of leadership. A testament to my work ethic is completing a full distance Ironman during intern year of residency. I wanted to encourage students and residents to maintain a healthy lifestyle while working a rigorous resident schedule. I thought this was the best way and 18 weeks later, it was accomplished.  I plan to bring this work ethic to the executive board in applying my efforts towards any area that needs assistance. Passion. From birth to death, serving all ages, what a great honor and  privilege. I am grateful for the opportunity to inspire and treat such a diverse population. I believe this passion would be a great asset to the Director of Medical Student Recruitment spurring  involvement and excitement within NMPRA and medical student groups. I love Med-Peds, everything about it. I am forever grateful to be a Med-Peds Doctor, serving and loving patients of all ages.

Graham Stockdale, University of Arizona

Healthcare in America has reached a critical precipice. As Med-Peds physicians we offer a unique vantage point with which to view this ever-changing and endlessly complex landscape. Our voices and our talent will be critical in the coming years – helping to shape both the nature and content of healthcare in America. I decided to run for President-elect because I recognized first and foremost how incredibly strong and talented this Med-Peds community truly is. We represent a diverse organization, small in numbers but mighty – both in intellect and compassion. My hope, if elected, is to leverage these strengths. I want to create new platforms for residents, fellows, and the Med-Peds community to come together and innovate – to push the boundaries and forge new frontiers for research, collaboration, and most importantly – the practice of medicine.

Over the course of my career I’ve had the opportunity to serve in several different leadership roles – from captain of my college soccer team to vice president of my medical school. Regardless of the situation, I have always enjoyed the teamwork, ambition, and shared camaraderie of team-based and goal oriented environments. As a soccer player I was certainly never the most talented person on the field – but my ability to elevate teammates, breakdown barriers, and create cohesiveness was the reason I was ultimately chosen to lead. In running for president-elect I hope to utilize these same skills – helping to empower and support our incredibly talented and thoughtful community.

Treasurer Candidates


Hans Chiang, Stony Brook University

I am interested in the role of NMPRA Treasurer as it provides the unique opportunity to enhance my financial skills while working closely with Medicine-Pediatrics colleagues. Due to an interest in implementing care coordination programs to provide cost-effective care to vulnerable populations, I pursued a MD/MBA dual degree with a focus in health care management. The  NMPRA Treasurer observes and influences the cash flows behind NMPRA operations such as the annual meeting – an experience that can be valuable as I run programs in the future. Financial  planning for the NMPRA annual meeting draws parallel to another large-scale event I coordinated as the Internal Vice President of the Taiwanese Overseas Student Association – the UW Night  Market. The event attracted over 3000 in audience. It involved meticulous planning and collaboration in signing contracts with multiple food vendors, negotiating for venue and equipment,  and inviting celebrities Z-Chen and Jason Chen – all of which accumulated to an event cost of over $15,000. This was an enriching experience where I appreciated the importance of attention to  detail, record-keeping, and following the cash flow in budgeting for an organization. I was able to enhance such skills through my MBA curriculum by preparing and reviewing budget  proposals. I also learned to file tax reports for a corporation as part of the curriculum. I am very excited to run for the position of NMPRA Treasurer and work with other Medicine-Pediatrics  residents. I look forward to hearing back from you.

Johnathan Phillips, University of Louisville

I am applying for the position of NMPRA Treasurer because I want to become more involved at the national level while hopefully bringing value with the organization that advocates on the behalf of all Med-Peds residents. In my undergraduate studies, I earned a minor in Business Administration, which required several accounting courses. I have a basic understanding of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), interpreting the 4 main financial statements, as well as debiting/crediting principles. I also studied courses in economics, business law, and monetary policy. From various personal experiences, I have had exposure to the FORM 990 and other non-profit tax filings as well. Admittedly, one of my personal interests is “Personal Finance”, and I have read many books and articles published by individuals such as John Bogle, Jim Dahle, MD (White Coat Investor), and Dave Ramsey.

In summary, I actually enjoy the “numbers” of medicine, and I would love the opportunity to contribute to an organization I value in the NMPRA. I am very comfortable with filing taxes, preparing budgets, and keeping accurate records of financial statements. I would appreciate the opportunity to contribute to the NMPRA. Thank you for your consideration.

Brittany Tayler, Albany Medical Center

I am currently finishing my PGY-1 year at Albany Medical College and I would love to be involved with Med-Peds on a national level. Although I grew up with a math teacher for a mother, numbers have not always been my strong suit. Over time, though, I’ve learned to love numbers! The first time I took on the role of treasurer in high school, I found myself loving the position. Maybe it’s that mild type A personality that makes us all good medical students, residents and doctors; but the concrete black and white way of organizing budgets has always been something I’ve really enjoyed. Both in college and medical school, I have served in the role as treasurer. At Siena College, I helped to manage a half a million dollar budget for 70+ clubs. I became very  adept at tweaking numbers, streamlining costs and making the most of a finite amount of money. Then, at Albany Medical College, as Student Council Treasurer, I was able to do the same.  There was something gratifying about not only managing the finances but being able to help my classmates as well.

Now in residency, I would love the opportunity to work with Med-Peds residents around the country and advance the NMPRA mission I believe my previous experience makes me a great candidate for NMPRA treasurer I look forward to this opportunity!

Traditional Secretary Candidates


Sasha Kapil, Indiana University

There are innumerable aspects of Med-Peds that drew me to pursue a residency in this field. The opportunity to engage with patients across a broad spectrum of life stages and healthcare settings is truly unparalleled. Not only that, but the extent of engagement by Med-Peds leadership, both at the local and national levels, is something I have always admired. The uniqueness of this field has been evidenced in my exposure to terrific Med-Peds programs, first in medical school at the University of Nebraska and now as an intern at Indiana University, as well as through my interactions with incredible applicants and residents on the interview trail.

Given how important this community has been to me over the last several years, I cannot think of a better way to give back than by serving on the NMPRA board. Like many people in our field, I have a diverse set of interests that have led to leadership roles in a wide range of organizations. Through these experiences, I believe I have demonstrated many positive characteristics that make me a strong leader. I pride myself in my positive attitude, flexibility, and integrity. Furthermore, I have always emphasized clear and frequent communication, as I believe this is essential for any well-functioning organization. In the traditional secretary role, I hope to promote cooperation between Med-Peds programs by facilitating timely, detailed, and organized information exchange. By giving my best effort, I hope to save others time and help meetings run smoothly. Thank you for your consideration!

PR Secretary Candidates


Sophia Urban, Medical University of South Carolina

Having trained at a medical school that did not have an affiliated Med-Peds program, I came into residency hoping to find opportunities to promote the specialty among medical students and residents across the country who were similarly unfamiliar with the field. Although I have enjoyed getting more involved in Med-Peds through my program at MUSC, I hope to continue expanding my involvement in the specialty through a position on the NMPRA Executive Board, specifically as the Public Relations Secretary. During my time in medical school, I helped found the school’s first Anatomy Donor Memorial. I was responsible for coordinating the post-ceremony reception which was held for donor families and school staff. In particular, this role involved  event design, set-up, and publicity. I also had the opportunity to use my organizational skills to promote class wellness and camaraderie through my position as Social Chair. I planned and  coordinated logistics with several different outside organizations for many class events, including an “End of M3 Year” celebration, multiple Match Day festivities, and several Graduation Week  functions. I was also responsible for creating the graphic designs and promotional materials which helped advertise these events to all class members. I would be thrilled to have the opportunity  to continue using these skills to connect individuals and organizations throughout the Med-Peds community and to expand the ability to network within NMPRA and beyond.  Thank you for your consideration!