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 Please note that all candidates’ post-graduate years on this page denote their status as of the current academic year, not that of the coming academic year.



President-Elect Candidates

The President-Elect will be a member of the Board from 2020-2021 and serve as President for the 2021-2022 year


Anne Laverty, University of Tennessee Health Science Center, PGY-1

It is the passion and opportunity found within Med-Peds and the motivation to further connect residents and outreach to medical students that leads me to apply for NMPRA President-Elect. If elected, I would work with the directors and program representatives to share best practices, further engage medical students, and elicit (and act on) resident feedback.  With a background as a high school teacher, I enjoyed learning about the multitude of curricula available at each program while on the interview trail. While the annual NMPRA Conference allows for the outcomes of programs to be shared, it would be powerful to have an access to share how programs are implementing certain curriculum and what are the strengths and challenges. NMPRA already provides a variety of resources for medical students (program maps, MPIG handbook, and FAQ pages).  By contributing to the depth of these resources and scheduling more interactive Q&A sessions, we can increase accessibility to future Med-Peds residents. Lastly, I would aim to enhance NMPRA’s ability to collect feedback from residents as to what educational topics and initiatives they are passionate about. By capitalizing on the people-power of Med-Peds we could use this feedback to implement programming and connect individuals with shared interests. I continue to be amazed by the work of the Med-Peds community, both at my home institution and nationally, and would appreciate the opportunity to further contribute to our collective abilities through serving as President-Elect. Thank you for your consideration!

Sophia Urban, Medical University of South Carolina, PGY-2

This past year serving on the NMPRA Executive Board was both inspiring and humbling in many ways. It reminded me of how grateful I am to be part of a national Med-Peds community full of passionate physicians dedicated to our unique specialty. I worked with brilliant, supportive team members who spent countless hours of their free time promoting ideas and initiatives geared toward amplifying Med-Peds involvement and outreach across the country. Through my role as Public Relations Secretary promoting NMPRA’s social media presence and publishing its quarterly newsletter Perspective, I had the opportunity to see the amazing things your programs are doing to care for patients, educate residents, volunteer in local communities, and support each other through these challenging times. It would be a great privilege to continue serving this community, this family, as NMPRA President. In this role, I would strive to promote Med-Peds outreach on the national level by encouraging NMPRA participation and involvement from smaller programs as well as from medical students whose home institutions have no affiliated residency program. I would utilize the National Conference to network and educate, shaping it into a springboard for innovation and creativity throughout the Med-Peds community. I would also advocate for increased mentorship opportunities to connect trainees of all levels and encourage the myriad career paths available through our specialty. As NMPRA has been such an important part of my own medical career, it would be an honor to serve as President of this outstanding organization.

J. Hunter Fraker, Georgetown University, PGY-1

At my first NMPRA meeting in medical school, I met amazing Med-Peds individuals who inspired me to get more involved. The following year, I served on NMPRA’s Medical Student Subcommittee where I reached out to nearly 70 medical schools to create Med-Peds Interest Groups. I would be honored to further my involvement in NMPRA as President-Elect where I would use my passion for Med-Peds to focus on improving career development and recruitment. My experience planning events, representing organizations, and advocating will enable me to provide more opportunities for Med-Peds residents. I have organized large events including a university-wide HIV testing day that will help me create a phenomenal national meeting. I also have experience in media relations and will build strong working relationships with residents, MPPDA, AAP, and ACP. Furthermore, I have led advocacy lectures and served as a health policy intern for the U.S. Senate and I will use my skill set to represent your interests. My focus as NMPRA President would include:

Career Development
– Create more accessible mentorship opportunities, especially for unique careers (i.e. Med-Peds hospitalist or combined subspecialist)
– Encourage more frequent regional meetings for networking

– Provide summaries of pertinent health policies for Med-Peds residents
– Develop opportunities for residents to advocate for their patients, communities, and Med-Peds

– Host meetings in each region annually to generate a diverse interest in Med-Peds

As President-Elect, I would work to strengthen resident opportunities and increase awareness of Med-Peds. Thank you for your consideration!

Thomas Rutherford, Louisiana State University – Shreveport, PGY-1

Hospital housekeeper, nurses’ aid, USAF Logistics specialist, USAF Special Agent, Registered Nurse, Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL), and Emergency Medicine Intern are all roles I had prior to finding my MedPeds family. This journey provided me with multiple opportunities for both personal and professional growth. I hope I may use these attributes in the role of President of the NMPRA. Nine years of active duty in the USAF provided me the experiences of travelling throughout the US and the world working with individuals from all types of backgrounds, leadership through the most perilous situations, and resiliency. My time as a RN and CNL of an ED developed my passion advocating for both my patients and staff, as well as showing me the importance of evidence-based medicine. My time as an EM intern revealed my love for continuity of care, depth of medicine, and care of both adults and pediatrics, leading me to Medpeds. As president, I would bring all these attributes to continuing to elevate Medpeds nationally in both allopathic and osteopathic medical schools and residencies. I would further develop the leadership abilities of our Medpeds physicians. I would continue to cultivate Medpeds physicians’ roles in research and increasing our abilities to provide excellent care to our patients. I plan to bolster our areas of advocacy for our patients and our residents. I hope to remind the medical community and areas of the nation that are not familiar with Medpeds why we are one of the most valuable assets in medicine.


Treasurer Candidates


Austin Wesevich, Duke University, PGY-3

For my final year as a Med-Peds resident, I would love to give back to NMPRA as Treasurer. I love numbers and data – one of the Med-Peds attendings even gave me a t-shirt about how every problem can be solved with an Excel spreadsheet. I am involved in a national High Value Care training program, and I want to take this passion for financial stewardship from the hospital to NMPRA. Over the last few years, I have contributed articles to NMPRA’s The Perspective, and I regularly tweet about #MedPeds and #HighValueCare. I think NMPRA is a wonderful organization, and I appreciate you considering me for NMPRA Treasurer.

Jonathan Phillips, University of Louisville, PGY-2

It has been so fun to use some of my “non-medical” interests to serve as NMPRA’s Treasurer for the past year. During my undergraduate studies, I found enjoyment outside of the sciences in taking accounting/business courses each semester. I thought it kept me well-rounded, and I found enjoyment in the different perspectives. In addition to a minor in Business Administration, I gained an understanding of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), interpreting financial statements, and debiting/crediting principles. Since then, I’ve read many books and blogs on taxes and personal finance, and I still consider this a hobby of mine.

In the past year as NMPRA Treasurer, I reviewed past budgets and worked with the Board to update the current budget throughout the year. I gained experience personally filing our tax forms including the 1099-MISC and the 990-N. Perhaps most importantly, I also identified that as we continue to grow as an organization, we will have to file a different and more complicated tax form in 2020. If re-elected NMPRA Treasurer, I hope my experience will streamline the process of working with a CPA to efficiently file our newly needed tax documents. In summary, I enjoy the “numbers”, and I hope my experience over the past year will help me contribute even more if I’m given the opportunity to contribute to NMPRA again. Thank you for your consideration.

Brittany Tayler, Albany Medical Center, PGY-2

I am currently finishing my PGY-2 year at Albany Medical College and I would love to be involved with Med-Peds on a national level. Although I grew up with a math teacher for a mother, numbers have not always been my strong suit. Over time, though, I’ve learned to love numbers! The first time I took on the role of treasurer in high school, I found myself loving the position. Maybe it’s that mild type A personality that makes us all good medical students, residents and doctors; but the concrete black and white way of organizing budgets has always been something I’ve really enjoyed.

Both in college and medical school, I have served in the role as treasurer. At Siena College, I helped to manage a half a million dollar budget for 70+ clubs. I became very adept at tweaking numbers, streamlining costs and making the most of a finite amount of money. Then, at Albany Medical College, as Student Council Treasurer, I was able to do the same. There was something gratifying about not only managing the finances but being able to help my classmates as well.

Now in residency, I would love the opportunity to work with Med-Peds residents around the country and advance the NMPRA mission. I believe my previous experience makes me a great candidate for NMPRA treasurer. I look forward to this opportunity!


Traditional Secretary Candidates


Adrianna Stanley, University of California – Los Angeles, PGY-1

Greetings from sunny California! I am excited to apply for the position of Traditional Secretary.

Since 2010, I have been fortunate to participate on various organizational boards that share my passions of advocating for underserved populations and under-represented minorities in the health sciences. From my undergraduate activities with Latinas Unidas to the countless hours I spent on the LMSA – Northeast Executive Board, I am proud to say that I now have 10 years of leadership experience working on executive boards and planning regional and national conferences for organizations whose missions align with my values. As a med-peds resident, I would be honored to further grow and develop these experiences on a national level as a member of the NMPRA executive board.

The role of Traditional Secretary excites me both because of its defined duties leading up the National Meeting, but also because of the space for creativity in the implementation of new ideas/programs during non-conference times. As an intern this year, I was involved in our NMPRA Regional Meeting by helping to make publicity flyers, designing and printing our event program, and reaching out to medical student attendees. When not working on this event, I spent my time on recruitment and implementing “resident office hours” as the medical student liaison for UCLA’s Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion committee. I would be thrilled to bring similar discussions and
creative energy to the NMPRA executive board in addition to fully exercising my duties as Traditional Secretary.

Thank you for your time and consideration of my application.

Ashley Nguyen, Brown University, PGY-1

My name is Ashley Nguyen, and I am an Internal Medicine-Pediatrics PGY-1 at Brown University. I very passionate about Med-Peds, and I would love to serve on the NMPRA Execute Board as the Traditional Secretary. My second-year residency schedule promises more elective time, and I would love the opportunity to contribute that extra time and energy to advancing NMPRA. I am very organized, detail-oriented, and meticulous. I am confident that I can take comprehensive minutes during board meetings, and prepare the programs and evaluations for the annual National Conference. I also have access to contacts that could assist with more complicated designs if needed. Additionally, I love spreadsheets, calendars, and people, and I would truly enjoy organizing attendees for and keeping attendance at the National Conference.

At the Sidney Kimmel Medical College (SKMC) at Thomas Jefferson University (TJU), I was very involved with the Med-Peds Society of Philadelphia. I served as the Vice President (MS2), President (MS3), and Mentoring Program Chair (MS4). During my fourth-year, I created the Med-Peds Mentoring Program, which connected medical students interested in Med-Peds at Jefferson with Med-Peds attendings for mentorship and guidance. Additionally, during my fourth-year, I served as a member of the NMPRA Medical Student Sub-Committee, and I attended the NMPRA National Conference.

Through my diverse leadership experiences in Med-Peds, my passion for Med-Peds, and my collaborative interpersonal skills and positive energy, I believe I will be an asset to the NMPRA Executive Board. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Crystal Cobb, Baystate Health, PGY-2

Hello fellow NMPRA members! My name is Crystal and I’m applying to be your NMPRA Traditional Secretary. In addition to the enthusiasm I would bring to the position, I have prior experience working effectively as part of a board for a professional organization. I’ve held multiple national leadership positions before including the office of National Secretary on the Student Osteopathic Medical Association’s Board of Trustees. Serving as SOMA Secretary entailed carrying out many of the roles and responsibilities expected of the NMPRA Traditional Secretary including taking and publishing meeting minutes, keeping records for corporate purposes, collaborating with other organizations and preparing for national conferences. Med-peds residents are fortunate enough to be in the unique position of working with professionals from multiple different fields of medicine. As NMPRA secretary some of my goals would include optimizing communication with other professional organizations and with our members, in addition to elevating the visibility of our organization and profession. Med-peds is such a wonderful field and I’m hoping to get more involved to promote and advocate for our specialty on a national level. It would be a privilege to work as part of a med-peds leadership team to serve some of the best residents from around the country. Thank you for your consideration.

Hans Chiang, Stony Brook University, PGY-2

I graduated from the Indiana University School of Medicine – an institution with a very strong Med-Peds presence. Thus, I was quickly exposed to the perfect residency through my senior residents and faculty. Now, as a Med-Peds resident myself, I am interested in enhancing the Med-Peds presence at a national level to promote our specialty. Thus, I would like to pursue the role of Traditional Secretary with NMPRA.

My experience with event planning traces back to my time with the Taiwanese Overseas Student Association (TOSA) in University of Washington, where I served as Secretary and Vice President. Planning for the NMPRA annual meeting draws parallel to a large-scale event I coordinated with TOSA – the UW Night Market. The event attracted over 3000 in audience. It involved meticulous planning and collaboration in signing contracts with multiple food vendors, negotiating for venue and equipment, and inviting celebrities Z-Chen and Jason Chen. This was an enriching experience where I appreciated the importance of attention to detail, record-keeping, and communication within the organization. In residency, I also serve on committees that involve note keeping and frequent communication – such as Med-Peds Liaison for the Resident Advisory Committee, Patient Safety Residency Council, and Patient Safety Quality

As a rising Med-Peds PGY-3, I look forward to having relatively more free time to invest in NMPRA meetings and the regional conferences. I am very excited to run for the position of NMPRA Secretary and work with other Med-Peds residents!


PR Secretary Candidates


Hans Chiang, Stony Brook University, PGY-2

Writing has always been one of my hobbies – my dream job other than being a Med-Peds physician is to write for the Daily Show. I am interested in the position of public relations secretary of NMPRA as it allows me to utilize my hobby to showcase the wonderful things the Med-Peds community does.

I have had numerous experiences in utilizing social media. As the secretary of my student organization during my undergraduate years, I helped organize the annual night market and took on the role as lead in public relations. Besides managing the Facebook event page, I started projects such as a 15-day countdown photoshoot and video parodies. I started a Mandarin Facebook page to share stories and experiences of a US medical student, which accumulated up to 3000 followers. In intern year, I proudly started the Stony Brook Med-Peds Instagram page, with the intention to not only advertise our wonderful residents, but also serve as a historian and hoarder of photographs. Amid the COVID pandemic, other Med-Peds programs have reached out to our program through Instagram to offer support – which confirmed how social media can bring us all together.

I remember pursuing Med-Peds as a medical student and being inspired by the residents, faculty, and fellow interviewees I met on the interview trail. I hope to extend this influence through NMPRA, the Perspective, and social media. I would be honored to serve as the public relations secretary of NMPRA to show the community more of what we are.

Kathryn Leyens, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, PGY-3

My interest for Med-Peds developed during my first year of medical school when a visiting Med-Peds physician, who eventually became my mentor, gave a lecture on the field. It was there that he introduced me to the NMPRA website. I did not have a Med-Peds program at my medical school, so both my mentor and this website became my main sources of information over the next couple of years, and still to this day, is an important source.

The NMPRA Perspective creates a sense of community across which we can all share in our colleagues’ successes, research, and anecdotes. Being at a medical school where there was little Med-Peds support, NMPRA made me feel included in this network.

I would make a good Public Relations Secretary because I have a passion for being a part of this central unifying force within the Med-Peds world. I would encourage submissions from members of various Med-Peds organizations in order to create a newsletter that represents the diversity within Med-Peds. I would additionally use the social media platforms of Facebook and Twitter in order to promote both NMPRA and members of our professional community. In this position, I would be able to give back and reach as many members as possible. It is through the involvement and participation of our members that we continue to thrive as a field. Thank you for considering me for the position of Public Relations Secretary.


MPAC Liason Candidates

The MPAC Liason will serve a two year term to facilitate continuity of resident representation with MPAC


Averi Wilson, University of Texas Southwestern, PGY-2

My name is Averi Wilson, and I am a current PGY2 at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center with experience in leadership, research, and academic writing. I hope to be the first MPAC editorial board liaison. My academic interests are in Cardiology, rural health, and the intersection between childhood and adult health. Research was an integral part of my college and medical school education, and my experiences helped shape my interests and led me to choose a career as a Med-Peds physician.

I have had the exciting opportunity to participate in academic work from a Med-Peds perspective and have found great joy in the exploration of the ways childhood health impacts adult life. Currently, I am working with Med-Peds and Cardiology faculty on submitting a grant for NIH support, enabling further exploration of drug therapies for adult survivors of childhood cancer with anthracycline-induced cardiomyopathy.

Additionally, I have leadership experience as my medical school class Philanthropy Chair and as Co-Executive director of a year-long, 800-person fundraising effort at my undergraduate university. Recently, my colleagues and program leaders selected me as the Med-Peds Conference and Journal Club Co-Chair on the Med-Peds Leadership Council at UTSW. The role of MPAC editorial board liaison is an excellent opportunity to strengthen my editing, writing, and leadership skills while contributing to the larger Med-Peds community. Regardless of my practice setting, joining the inaugural MPAC team will provide the opportunity to develop career-long skills to set the stage for long-term contributions to the Med-Peds academic community.

David Chiang, University of Massachusetts, PGY-2

As a physician scientist who hopes to work in academic medicine, it is my goal to advance the field of medicine and practice evidence-based medicine. This applies not just to laboratory research, but also clinical research. The current COVID-19 pandemic and focus on various treatments from hydroxychloroquine to remdesevir only serve to underscore the importance of data sharing and peer review. We cannot give our patients optimal care if we do not understand how or why our interventions are necessary. To that end, I was extremely excited to read about the creation of a MedPeds specific platform for academic medical care – we are certainly a group which provides similar yet different care to “both sides” of medicine and would benefit from studies that compare and contrast across the age range!

I have written both literature reviews and primary articles as part of my doctorate, and guided students in coming up with research studies or QI projects and publishing/presenting them. I am currently an ad hoc editor for Clinical and Experimental Allergy, with a critical eye and ability to place new submissions in the context of current standards of care. Finally, because of my experience with both basic science and clinical research projects I have the versatility needed to communicate between the various platforms of academic medicine and research – from bench to bedside. All of these experiences I believe make me an ideal candidate to be the MPAC Editorial Board Liaison.

Deborah Soong, University of Miami, PGY-2

MPAC Editorial Board Liaison is especially interesting to me because I have always placed importance on research throughout each phase of my academic career. I think that research is extremely important because it is how limits of medicine are pushed beyond anything imaginable. I have lots of experience in basic science, translational, populational, and clinical research and have been through the process of submitting academic papers. In addition, having to write a literary thesis in graduate school allowed me to gain experience in literature searches and sifting through copious amounts of papers for valuable information. I would love to take on a teaching role in helping other
residents and medical students (interested in med peds) understand the process of conducting productive research as well as writing/editing research papers.

I believe my background will allow me to help create and strengthen a group who can meticulously review journal submissions. By working and learning together, we can come up with organized guidelines to identify outstanding submissions worthy of recognition. We would also provide constructive criticism and feedback to the author so they continue to improve and thrive in research. I have experience in leading groups, and thus, am able to designate appropriate amounts of work to the group member that I feel most suitable for the task. This is important for both efficiency and efficacy. I feel I can bring light to the importance of med-peds research and am available over the next
two years to do so.

Dylan Hall, Indiana University, PGY-2

Early in my career as a scientist, I became passionate about contributing to the ever-growing body of scientific knowledge. Early during my undergraduate education, I joined a research lab and began to develop my skills finding and critically appraising the literature. It’s a skill that wasn’t explicitly taught in my college’s curriculum, so it shouldn’t have come as a surprise that the learning curve was quite steep. As I worked toward mastery, I began to host journal clubs with my classmates, inviting professors and graduate students to guide us through the dissection of selected literature. It was there that I not only began fostering many of the techniques that I use daily as a physician but also grew to love the process by which we evaluate and appraise scientific literature.

As a medical student working full-time as a billing and insurance coordinator, I learned to balance my daily responsibilities as a medical professional with the demands of organizing and directing productive meetings toward a common goal. From delegating responsibilities at my full-time job to organizing lectures and talks for medical students, I learned how to thrive within the context of large committees.

As MPAC Editorial Board Liaison, I would bring all of the skills that I have developed as a scientist along with my passion for furthering knowledge. I feel that my combined experience, leadership, and dedication make me an outstanding candidate, and I would be honored and humbled to serve in this new position.

Jennifer DeSalvo, Ohio State University, PGY-1

Insight from witnessing interactions between my brother, a 20-year-old with hypoplastic left heart syndrome, my family, and his medical team during his transition from pediatric to adult care served as a catalyst for my desire to pursue Internal Medicine-Pediatrics. It also solidified my passion for using a bench-to-bedside approach to research to improve patient care. Therefore, I have pursued research in a variety of disciplines, from basic, translational, and clinical science to quality improvement, education, and advocacy to community and global health, and diversity of experiences, including authoring peer-reviewed journal articles, presenting at national and international conferences, writing grants and IRBs, critiquing manuscripts, and leading journal clubs. As an undergraduate on editorial and marketing committees for the Journal of Undergraduate Research, I critiqued manuscripts in multiple disciplines and promoted submission to the journal. As a medical student in an IM interest group, I helped establish a research database, organized journal clubs, and coordinated research opportunities among medical students, residents, and attendings. I also enjoyed critiquing manuscripts and mentoring medical students as a committee member of the Landacre Research Honor Society. Additionally, I served as a founding contributor and board member of an online USMLE question bank, in which I focused on editorial review of questions. More recently, I helped critique clinical reports for the Internal Medicine-Pediatrics section of the AAP. Through these experiences, I hope to help establish and lead the NMPRA Editorial Committee and serve on the MPAC Editorial Board to expand research to help patients like my brother.

Marian Poley, University of Maryland, PGY-1

I am eager to apply to the NMPRA board, as I am interested in participating in the MedPeds community on the national level and to represent my program.

At its heart, medical research represents the language of progress and innovation. My experiences in research have been varied so far and has included basic, translational and clinical research. Throughout my career thus far I have developed the skills to author an IRB, initiate a research database, in addition to preparing posters and other manuscripts and assisting in various other QI/QA projects. Through these opportunities, I have been able to grow in my skills, interests, and career.

My experiences in medical education have led me to find ways to grow as an academic and an educator, including developing my skills in editorial review. My passions also include medical education in all of its aspects, including mentorship of students and working with colleagues to achieve our goals together.

If selected, I would be thrilled to help this new position grow and expand with its potential to further the footprint of NMPRA and the field of Medicine-Pediatrics. I would work to create a collegial atmosphere for peer review articles as well as organize and facilitate critical appraisal of literature among residents and students alike. I would work to assist in the utilization of new resources like Cureus. My past my past experiences, enthusiasm, and dedication would be a perfect fit for this opportunity to further Med-Peds research, community, and innovation.



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