Our world has changed in dramatic and unprecedented ways these past few months, and our members spread out across the country have had to cope with gravely ill patients and overwhelmed health systems while balancing a seemingly impossible amount of stress, exhaustion, and emotional overload. This pandemic has been taxing on many levels, and it often has been difficult to take the time to step back, reflect, and rest.

We as the National Med-Peds Residents’ Association are so incredibly proud of you, our members, and your dedication, not only to your careers but most importantly to your patients. It is our honor to represent you, now more than ever, as you prove through your daily work the great relevance and importance of our unique calling as Med-Peds physicians.

As such, we have dedicated the final edition of our quarterly Perspective newsletter for this academic year to you and your experience with the coronavirus pandemic. We received a great number of submissions and we are proud to share the final product with you all!

COVID Perspective June 2020