HIV is not an ACGME accredited fellowship and therefore does not have a true board certification. However, the American Academy of HIV Medicine ( does offer a certificate for HIV Specialists. This does have HIV CME and patient care activity requirements, however does not require fellowship training. Further, since these fellowships are not ACGME accredited funding can vary from year to year.

These programs are often connected to but separate from Infectious Disease programs and vary by curriculum. The clinical programs are for advanced training and experience to treat HIV infected patients, which many ID programs may not specifically offer. Other programs are focused on prevention and policy training, research, as well as mental and behavior health.

HIV in the US has become a disease of the Adolescents and Adults, with most cases of Pediatric HIV being few during to appropriate prophylaxis. This skews any training program towards the Internal Medicine and Adolescent Medicine side significantly.

There are also a number of programs that are dedicated to public health training and mental and behavior health programs that are available.

Programs Offering Fellowship:
HIV Medical Association/IDSA FoundationPacific AIDS Education and Training Center
University of California – San Francisco (Positive Health Program at San Francisco General Hospital)
University of Texas – Houston (Thomas Street Clinic)
University of Miami
State of New York

Additional Contacts
Emery Chang, MD*
Susa Coffey, MD
Ben J. Barnett, MD