A combined Infectious Disease Fellowship is attractive because of the large area of overlap between adult and pediatric infectious diseases. Also, this dual training may be very well suited to taking care of the growing and aging child population with HIV.

Programs Offering Fellowship:
Baylor College of Medicine
Brown University
Boston Medical Center
Emory University
Johns Hopkins
Louisiana State University
Mt Sinai School of Medicine (New York, NY)
National Institutes of Health
Northwestern University
Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center (Medical College of Virginia)
Stony Brook University
SUNY Downstate (Brooklyn NY)
Tulane University (New Orleans)
University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA)
University of Chicago
University of Minnesota
University of Wisconsin at Madison

Additional Contacts:
Judith Campbell, MD
Brian Chow, MD
Tommy Cross, MD
Natalie Dailey Garnes, MD
Dena Daybell, MD
Tom Flynn, MD
Allison (George) Agwu, MD, ScM- Johns Hopkins
Richard Martinello, MD
Jose Serpa-Alverez, MD
Margaret Silio, MD
Maulin Soneji, MD
Dominick Tammaro, MD
Jill Weatherhead, MD