A combined Nephrology Fellowship will prepare you to take care of children and adults with kidney disease. This fellowship combination may make you especially attractive to areas that could not support a full-time Pediatric Nephrologist.

Programs Offering Fellowship:
Baylor College of Medicine
Duke University
Montefiore-Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Ohio State University
Stanford University
SUNY Upstate
University Hospitals of Cleveland/Rainbow Babies and Childrens’ Hospital (Case Western Reserve University)
University of California at San Diego (UCSD)
University of California at San Francisco
University of Chicago
University of Cincinnati
University of Iowa
University of Michigan
University of Minnesota
University of Missouri
University of North Carolina
University of Rochester
University of Tennessee
University of Texas at Houston (UT-Houston)
University of Texas Southwestern (UT-Southwestern)
Washington University

Additional Contacts:
Steve Alexander, MD
John Bissler, MD
Melissa Cadnapaphornchai, MD
Prasad Devarajan, MD
Vikas Dharnidharka, MD
John Foreman, MD
Keisha Gibson, MD
Beatrice Goilav, MD
Colleen Hastings, MD
Paul Hmiel, MD
Elizabeth Ingulli, MD
Arundhati Kale, MD
Deborah Kees-Folts, MD
David Kershaw, MD
Marc Lande, MD
Revecca Lombel, MD
John Mahan, MD
Sri Narsipur, MD
Songul Onder, MD
Uptal Patel, MD
Farzana Perwad, MD
Rupesh Raina, MD
Kamalanathan Sambandam
Joshua Samuels, MD
William Schnaper, MD