The primary care sports medicine (PCSM) fellowship is typically a one-year program that leads to the ability to sit for the Certificate of Added Qualification in Sports Medicine (CAQ-SM).  This can be taken through the ABIM or ABP (among others). The sports medicine fellowship includes training in diagnosis and management of acute musculoskeletal injuries and overuse conditions, concussions, and other exercise-induced diseases as well as injury prevention and wellness promotion.  PCSM fellowships are typically in departments of family medicine, though a number of strong pediatrics-based programs exist as well.  PCSM fellowships accept residents from Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Med-Peds, Family Medicine, Emergency Medicine, and Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, and each fellowship varies in the types of residents accepted. Most fellowships include training in the care of both pediatric and adult athletes, though the balance between the two is variable.  Even the pediatrics-based programs have strong training in care of the skeletally mature patient.  A few programs are two years in duration; typically those include a more prominent research component.

Most fellowships enthusiastically support Med-Peds trained candidates, though this is not always the case.  Experience working with sports medicine physicians and in coverage of events is important to be a competitive applicant.  Most sports medicine fellowships are listed on the website for the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine at

Programs Offering Fellowship:
See the Physician American Medicine Society for Sports Medicine Sports Medicine Fellowship list located at

See the FREIDA website for accredited programs at

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