his award honors a resident physician who has made an extraordinary, lasting contribution to the success of NMPRA and/or Med-Peds at the local or state level. It is named for Howard Schubiner, MD, for his notable, extraordinary, lasting contributions to Med-Peds.
Howard Schubiner

Dr. Schubiner completed a Bachelors of Arts degree from the University of Michigan.  He received his MD in 1978 from Wayne State University.  He completed a Pediatrics residency at Michigan State University and then finished his Internal Medicine residency at Wayne State University.  Dr. Schubiner has additional training in Adolescent Medicine.

Dr. Schubiner has spent most of his career at Wayne State University.  He developed a Med-Peds Training Program and was the Program Director at Wayne State University from 1984-1998.  He has published numerous articles on Med-Peds and received many grants, in addition to serving as President of the Internal Medicine – Pediatrics Program Directors Association (MPPDA) and helping to found the American Academy of Pediatrics, Internal Medicine-Pediatrics Section.  His special areas of interest are adolescent health and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder; one field at the developmental interface between Pediatrics and Internal Medicine and one in which both children and adults are affected in similar ways.

In the words of Dr. Schubiner “a resident who exemplifies the highest standards for excellence in Med-Peds, including exemplary clinical care of patients, compassion and humanism in relationships with patients and with colleagues in medicine and hospital co-workers, involvement in community activities, and contributions to the field of Medicine-Pediatrics.”

The winner of the Howard Schubiner Award receives $250 to be used for educational purposes, as well as a $250 travel grant to attend the National Med-Peds Meeting.

Submission Details

You may either nominate yourself or request that the program director of your nominee submit an application. Please submit the application as a single PDF which includes all the information below:

    • Nominee’s Full Name, Program, PGY Level
    • Contact Information: Phone number, Email address, Program Director’s Name and Email Address
    • Curriculum Vitae
    • Brief description of how you/nominee has contributed to the success of Med-Peds at the local or state level
    • Nominee must be a NMPRA member at the time of their application
    • Nominee must disclose all other financial sponsorships and donations received as well
    • Nominee must be able to attend the NMPRA National Meeting on the year of the application

Please email application information to president-elect@medpeds.org


    • 2018: Dr. Michael Maguire, Christiana Care Health System
    • 2017: Dr. Christopher Terry, Brown University
    • 2016: Dr. Amrit Misra, Wayne State University
    • 2015: Dr. Olatonkunbo Famakinwa, Yale University
    • 2014: Dr. Pritesh Gandhi, Tulane University
    • 2013: Dr. Katherine Seymour, Vanderbilt
    • 2012: Dr. Loren Robinson, University of North Carolina
    • 2011: Dr. Sonia Malhortra, Tulane University
    • 2010: Dr. Jennifer LeComte, Christiana Care Health System
    • 2009: Dr. Jennifer Packard, Christiana Care Health System
    • 2008: Dr. Jennifer Genuardi, Christiana Care Health System
    • 2007: Dr. Stephanie Zia, University of Southern California
    • 2005: Dr. Eric Gustafson, Tulane University
    • 2004: Dr. Phyllis Nsiah-Kumi, Case Western Reserve
    • 2001: Dr. Shana Hart, Louisiana State University
    • 2000: Dr. William F. Grella, St. Joseph’s Hospital
    • 1999: Dr. Jeffrey Bates, Texas A&M University