Our NMPRA board stands in solidarity with Dr. Princess Dennar and the residents of Tulane; Med-Peds, and categorical alike. We are reminded yet again of just how much work needs to be done. Assuredly every day individuals are experiencing discrimination and racism across all programs, many still facing it alone. We call on each and every Med-Peds resident to rise up and fight for our URM and BIPOC colleagues; for far too long they have carried on these fights with little to no support. We must demand change. We must demand policy change. We must demand increased budgets to hire more individuals to take on DEI efforts. We must pay those who are currently doing it alone their worth. We must question each of our own institutions and demand transparency. We stand with #DrDennar. We stand with the residents at Tulane who are so suddenly left without their greatest advocate. We stand with all those who find themselves in similar circumstances, whose voices are not yet heard.

We are aware that these words alone are not sufficient, and are working on next steps and actions, but want to be thoughtful and purposeful with these so that they are truly meaningful and impactful. We will keep you updated when we finalize these. Please know that we are here to represent you: our resident and student members. As always, please reach out if there is anything we can do for you, or just for a person/space to talk.

The Medicine Pediatrics Program Directors Association (MPPDA) has also released a statement which we have attached that we encourage all to take the time to read.

We are saddened at the circumstances that prompted this correspondence, but grateful for so many of you who are already putting energy into anti-racist efforts, and optimistic for the actions that will come out of this. Together we are stronger.


– NMPRA Board


Click here to view the statement written by MPPDA.