NMPRA (the National Med-Peds Residents’ Association) seeks to enhance the Med-Peds specialty by: supporting and promoting resident advancement and professional opportunities; creating national connections and opportunities for residents; increasing awareness of and advocating for med-peds as a specialty; and recruiting medical students in the specialty.

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A combined Infectious Disease Fellowship is attractive because of the large area of overlap between adult and pediatric infectious diseases. Also, this dual training may be very well suited to taking care of the growing and aging child population with HIV.

NMPRA recently hosted a webinar on combined ID fellowship training. Click here to view it.

Programs Offering Fellowship:
Baylor College of Medicine
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center /Boston Children’s Hospital
Brown University
Boston Medical Center

Cincinnati Children’s & University of Cincinnati)
Emory University
Johns Hopkins
Louisiana State University
The Mount Sinai Hospital (New York, NY)
National Institutes of Health
Northwestern University
Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center (Medical College of Virginia)
Stony Brook University
SUNY Downstate (Brooklyn NY)
Tulane University (New Orleans)

University of Alabama at Birmingham

University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA)
University of Connecticut
University of Chicago

Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Additional Contacts:
Dominick Tammaro, MD – BrownJill Weatherhead, MD – Baylor
Judith Campbell, MD – Baylor
Natalie Dailey Garnes, MD – Baylor
Wendy Stead, MD – Beth Israel Deaconess
Jose Serpa-Alverez, MD – Boston Medical Center
Tanvi Sharma, MD, MPH – Boston Children’s Hospital
Grant Paulsen, MD (Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center)
Allison (George) Agwu, MD, ScM- Johns Hopkins
Maulin Soneji, MD – Loma Linda
Margaret Silio, MD – Tulane
Scott James, MD – University of Alabama at Birmingham
Lisa Chirch, MD, FIDSA – UConn
Hassan El Chebib, MD – University of Connecticut
Kari Neeman, MD – University of Nebraska
Mikhaela Dinkelmann Cielo, MD – USC/LAC
Andrea Green Hines, MD – University of Nebraska

Dr. Chris Cannavino ([email protected])- UCSD/RCHSD Pediatric Fellowship Program

Dr. Darcy Wooten ([email protected])- UCSD Adult Fellowship Program
Tom Flynn, MD – Western Michigan University
Richard Martinello, MD – Yale
Dena Daybell, MD
Jamison Norwood, MD
Brian Chow, MD
Tommy Cross, MD

NMPRA is a resident-driven organization dedicated to providing information, opportunities, and programs to current and future Med-Peds residents.

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